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    Once logged in, you will see two prices for each product: the recommended retail price (RRP) will be crossed out and your wholesale price will appear next to it. If you don't, please login or create an account using this link

    wholesale login 
  • 2. Browse the catalog

    You can use the link below or the menu on top of the page to see all our products with various filtering options available. Simply add what you need to your basket.

  • 3. Checkout

    When you are ready to checkout, simply SUBMIT YOUR ORDER and confirm additional details or request you may have. This checkout will only create a DRAFT order and we will then get back to you to confirm quantities, estimated ship date and your usual payment conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I have to use this site to place my orders with The Nature of Things or Bumbóg?

Not at all. You can still send your orders the usual way if you prefer. But if you want to order via this site, you will need to create an account so we can give you access.

How can I see my wholesale prices?

After you create your account, simply login and you will automatically see your wholesale prices. The price that is crossed out is the recommended retail price and the one that's not is your wholesale price.

Do I have to pay in advance?

No. When you place your order at checkout, it will simply create a draft order and send us a notification in our email box. Once your order is received, we will confirm it by email.

What if I have special instructions such as PO number to add?

There is a specific box at checkout to enter your PO and another one for any notes or comments you'd like to add.

Can I order testers?

Yes you can. Simply add your list of required testers in the space for notes on the checkout page. Please read our T&Cs below regarding the cost and availability of testers.

How about shipping?

Shipping estimates will be added automatically at checkout but these will also be reconfirmed once we receive and start fulfilling your order.

I need help

If there is any issue, please email us at hello@thenatureofthings.ie and we will sort you out.

Our Terms & Conditions (T&Cs)

Payment Terms

Irish retailers: First orders have to be paid in advance and ‘Net 30 Days’ terms can be setup later.

International retailers: orders always have to pay in advance.

Minimum orders

Order quantities: each product page will show a standard case size for each product but we
do offer some flexibility so just ask us and we will try to accommodate your

Total order value: wholesale orders are set to a minimum of 150€ ex VAT.


Our shipping partners are DPD and DHL, we like them for their reliability and their carbon offsetting efforts.

Ireland: shipping is free over 150€ on the island and we currently charge 7.80€/box for orders below that value.

International: most EU countries will benefit from free shipping for orders over 350€ and charges will vary below that value, depending on destination and size/weight of the order.

All shipping charges (if any) will be confirmed in advance for your approval.


For all essential oils and blends, we can supply testers – we supply full bottles - at an additional 25% off the wholesale prices.


We will accept returns and provide replacement or credit for all faulty items. Please notify us upon receipt of the goods (within 7 days)